Afro Beat Heat From DJ Cortega


Afro Beat Heat From DJ Cortega

Originally from Switzerland, Cortega has seen his reputation grow as a DJ on the Afrobeat and House scenes in Washington, DC since 2005. He has played in major clubs in the region, including Cielo, U

Silence In Metropolis -  Rescue EP

Underground DC: Silence In Metropolis – Usual Things Around – Rescue EP

Silence In Metropolis is a new vinyl and digital label, based in Washington DC that has a discerning ear when it comes to underground Deep House music. Now on its third release the imprint aims


Win Free Tickets To Electronic Music Production Workshop

Want to win a free ticket to the DC’s best music production workshop of the year? Audyolab has worked hard to bring you the very first electronic music workshop. And we’ve come up with a fun way to get

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Electronic music production workshop dc

Learn the best electronic music production techniques from DC’s top experts

If you always wanted to know how to make electronic music on your laptop, then this workshop is for you! Join fellow music enthusiasts, producers and DJs at this intensive-workshop designed to teach and help

vu meters

This Is Why You Suck At Mixing House Music

I’ve had the honor to review thousands of demos for dozens of record labels (mostly deep house). Every time I receive one from a music producer I notice the same mistakes they do in mixing